Thursday, November 13, 2014


Trooper likes to get as close as possible.
Gigi always acts little annoyed when
someone else wants to use her bed.
Nothing new here. I'm trying to walk my butt off, literally, to lose weight before Thanksgiving so I can put some back on. I'm working on placing Groot, hopefully this weekend. I will be putting the stock tank heaters in the outdoor water tanks today in preparation for the coming winter, which seems to be arriving early. Here are some dogs in bed pictures for no particular reason except I've been accumulating them on my cell phone.
Maya talks a lot, but this time her mouth was
open for a yawn.
Vince is more than a little concerned that Max
now has bedroom privileges, so now Vince
hops up on the bed on occasion to assert himself
and to seek reassurance that he is loved.

Clay retrieved a treasure trove of Kongs from
under the bed. Max was in heaven.

Trooper doesn't snuggle next to me like Maya.
He sprawls on top of me.
This is Maya's snuggle style.

Gigi in repose.
It's no wonder Maya fell for him,
Trooper's got bedroom eyes.

Some nights there's no room for even one person in bed.


Anonymous said...

I love these pictures:-) Thank you for sharing them!

Sharon Swan said...

Great pictures of the gang. So happy and content. Thank you for sharing them.