Saturday, January 17, 2015

Diesel and Daisy Meet & Greet

Daisy moving in to give a kiss.
I drove up to Manassas with Diesel and Daisy today. Promises Animal Rescue was having an adoption event and it was Daisy's debut with that group. Diesel came along to meet a couple of prospective adopters who live in northern Virginia.
Diesel likes belly rubs. Who knew?

Both dogs rode beautifully, not a whine or bark the entire way up (about 2.5 hours). Both traveled on a full stomach after having breakfast and neither dog got car sick. I wasn't sure how Daisy would be meeting strangers so I went inside and procured a willing volunteer to test her out. She was fine. She was overwhelmed by it all, but she handled it better than I expected. She preferred to lay down where she could observe and where no one could come up on her from behind, but after a while she relaxed a bit, would let people approach her, took treats from everyone, and even gave a few kisses. I was pleased.

Daisy sticking close to her
handler for security.
Diesel isn't shy at all and he was more than happy to have anyone and everyone petting on him. There were several puppies there and he wanted to check them all out, and he did, but he was very good both with people, puppies, and the other dogs. We were only there a little over two hours, but it was non-stop socialization, a lot more than any of us are used to. They both slept all the way home.
It wasn't exactly a Diesel-sized space.
It was tight quarters for a Dane, and
his tail may have rearranged a few things
but he didn't steal anything.

Maya had been concerned and not very happy that I left the house with two other dogs this morning and left her behind. Clay was home all day, in and out, brewing a new beer, and I would have bet good money that Maya would have expressed her displeasure by chewing up something of mine. I got home and found that she had been good all day, much to my surprise. There were still some daylight hours left, so she and I got out for a 2.5 mile hike before dark. It was just the two of us, and that seemed to make amends.
Both dogs were happy to see each other from time
to time. A familiar face in strange surroundings
can be comforting.

Everyone remarked on the size of Diesel's feet.
There were several puppies there that looked
like they could have been Daisy's, same color
and markings.

Maya on our late afternoon hike.

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