Monday, January 12, 2015

Night and Day (Pictures to Brighten a Rainy Day)

So cute, so sweet, so thoroughly rotten
when she wakes.
The nights have been cold; one morning it was 7 degrees when I woke up. The next night was somewhat warmer, in the teens, but still quite cold. Everyone is huddled indoors at night. We've had some sunshine during the day, however, (until today), so the days have been nice for hiking with the ground frozen solid.
Gigi, curled up tightly in bed.

Trooper, sleeping in bed with all four legs in the air.

Vince has the new dog bed, but he's not happy
because Diesel has the bed next to me.
Even when he curls up, Diesel needs two of
our largest dog beds.
Max and Maya are both pretty
focused walkers.
Maya and Trooper in the back of the van
after one of their walks together.

Hunkered down for the night in their crates in the kitchen.
L to R: Charlie, Barkley, Max, Daisy, and Sparky

Max and Maya
This reminds me of the Robert Frost poem:
"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood..."
Maya and Daisy
No slackers here, it's go, go, go.
Sparky's leg seemed better after a few
days of rest, but we did an easy three
miles the first time back out on the trails.
We discovered a new trail that someone had just
recently laid out.
The field trails are great on wet days
especially, but they are out in the open so
they are very cold if the wind is blowing.
I was a little concerned when I was
taking this picture because Maya has
her head over Sparky's back. That's a
dominance move that he might have
reacted to, but she was really just
looking for deer in that direction and
he must have understood that. 

Diesel taking full advantage of his new double bed.
(Look how red and raw his feet are here, that is finally looking better today.)




Britta said...


I love the pictures of the gang. They are all happy and content, provided they are on the bed.

Sharon Swan

Anonymous said...

Love these pics! Makes me feel a warm fuzzy on such a cold day! Thanks for sharing!!