Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Gigi walks!

These two are so cute together.
Look at Gigi's ears flapping in the breeze.
She may not have known what she was getting herself into, but Gigi wanted outside when I was heading out for my afternoon hike. She came over to the van and indicated that she wanted in, so I let her in, of course (I do anything she ever wants), and she came along with Maya and Diesel. It was a cold and windy day, but we didn't go much over a mile and I think she enjoyed getting out. At least now she knows what we do when we go off in the afternoons. 
After a short walk with those three, I dropped off the Danes back at the house and picked up Trooper. He and Maya and I did another short walk, just over a mile. That's enough to satisfy Trooper without wearing him out.
Diesel is a bit taller, longer, and wider, but
mostly he's bigger in the head and feet.
After taking Trooper home, I picked up Daisy and Fanny to join Maya for a third walk. I haven't had Barkley out on the trails in a while, but he's getting plenty of yard time and play time with Fanny too. Sparky is being sorely neglected as of late, but he's sort of laid up with a lame leg again, so I think he needs some time off. I need to find some Rimadyl and get him started on that, maybe routinely, he's not a pup any more. He's inside in the big Diesel crate now as long as this cold weather lasts. Diesel is my shadow and sleeps on a dog bed next to me at night now, which causes great consternation in Vince. 

I love seeing Maya as a confident dog now. She was so scared and shy when she first came here.

It's hard for me to believe that three
females can be this close and get along.
A three-headed shepherd hydra

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Anonymous said...

What a great bunch of pics! Love that Gigi let you know she wanted to get out and about! Seeing Trooper and Maya, is like seeing two lovebirds! I hope Sparky is feeling better soon!