Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Homecoming

It's a little known fact that one night a year, on
Halloween, a German Shepherd's ears are
transmorgrified, becoming devil's ears, revealing
their true nature. 
She would peak her head up occasionally
to see if anyone had a treat.
I got home on Saturday evening just in time to grab Maya and head down to Scottsville for the Halloween festivities at James River Brewery. Maya was very happy to see me and more than willing to go anywhere with me. Although the crowd might have freaked her out any other time, she was determined to be as close to me as possible that evening and nothing was going to keep her from doing that. It was after dark by the time we arrived and the kids were mostly gone and the crowd in the beer garden had already peaked. We got a space at the bar and she settled down at my feet, just happy to be by my side.
Who said a codependent relationship is unhealthy?

We moved inside later, to be nearer to the biscuit supply.

There were no biscuits at the outside bar, but
Clay brought her some anyway.

She was pretty much on top of me for the first
24 hours after I arrived home.

Trooper, on Sunday morning, wondering when
I was going to get up and do something fun.

I didn't do much on Sunday, but on Monday we got back to
the trails. Maya, Max, and Trooper and I did over five miles.

I only had time for one hike on Monday, but I
took Summer, Theo, and Jasso out to the pasture
for some ball playing time.
Summer (rear) is better about giving up the
ball than is Theo.

Jasso got a ball and just played with it by himself as he
enjoyed rolling around in the grass.
Jasso continued to gain weight while I was gone and he is
looking really good. It's time to do the heartworm treatment.

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Sharon Swan said...

Hi Brent,

Hope your time with your mom was great. The pictures of Maya are too funny.

Sharon Swan