Sunday, November 29, 2015

Toquima goes to town

I walked Maya nine miles on Sunday: with Trooper and Gigi for three miles; with Max and Daphne for three miles; and then with Theo for another three miles, just so I could sneak out of the house with Toquima to go to the brewery in Scottsville.  Toquima has been on puppy duty since Hunter came yesterday and he will be going back home in a couple days so I felt I owed it to him. 
There wasn't much of a crowd there late Sunday afternoon but Toquima greeted everyone as a friend and then settled down next to me as if he was a regular.

This dog may have missed his calling as a service dog, he certainly has the temperament for it.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, upsets him.  He's solid as a rock, "bomb proof" as we like to say.

He took treats nicely, didn't stand up on the bar and didn't beg for more.  He opened his mouth and just waited for the biscuit to be dropped into his open jaw.

I wish I could clone this dog.

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