Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Screw it, let's play

Hunter (left), Summer (rear) and Theo
The only time it's difficult to have 12 dogs is when the weather is bad and it's tough to get them out for poop and play time.  But even when the weather sucks, there comes a time you've just got to say, "screw it, let's play."  The dogs don't mind the rain and mud as much as we do.  Some of them don't mind it at all.  The dog yard is a muddy mess.  I bought straw today, but before I got it home the dogs that were outdoors were already wet and muddy.  I let them out of the dog yard into the pasture.  It's just as wet but less muddy and although it was raining, they actually got cleaner running around out there.  They didn't care if they were clean or dirty, wet or dry, they just had a great time.
This was Hunter's first pasture romp.

Toquima went home Tuesday evening,
but I think he enjoyed himself here.
Of course, this doesn't apply to Gigi or Daphne, who don't really like to get their feet wet, but Theo, Summer, Toquima, and Hunter had a great time romping in the pasture.
Hunter and Summer

Hunter figured out the ball thing, but he
didn't learn to retrieve or give it up.

Labs are like rugby players, they look good covered in mud.

Toquima's coat keeps him warm and dry in any weather.
He's mostly clean and dry after a good shake.
Toquima played quite a bit with Hunter and I was
glad to see it; it was good for Hunter.

Summer and Theo and still the most serious ball players.

L to R: Toquima, Theo, Hunter, and Summer

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