Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas eve dog wash

The picture on the left is one of those Facebook memory photos, showing what I had posted a year ago today.  I had been out to buy straw to cope with the mud, and guess what, I did the same thing today. 

Last  year I'm sure I spread the straw in the dog yard and/or the kennels to help with the mud.  I did the same today but today I went a step further and washed a couple of dogs.  I don't let Max go out to the dog yard when it's muddy because he runs around neurotically and is soaked with mud in a matter of minutes.  Unfortunately, Theo does much of the same.  He's a fence runner.  He takes off running the fence line when I come out or when Vince or Gigi, or any other dog comes out the door.  I looked at him and decided he wasn't coming into the house today, and Commando wasn't much better.  

But given the freakishly warm temperatures, I decided I'd just hose them off, put them in a dry kennel, and then bring them inside.  The weather forecast is for more rain than sun for the next week or more.  I know I won't be able to keep the clean and inside for all that time, but I do plan to limit Theo's dog yard time until the ground is either frozen or dry.  

Theo, pre-bath, dripping mud.
Even his face was muddy.

Commando wasn't quite as dirty, but with
with his light coloring, it showed more.

At least his face was clean.
Commando was pretty good about the bath.

Toquima and Trooper had been in the same space for the same
amount of time, but had a small fraction of the mud on them.

These two are smart enough to know how to use straw to stay warm, clean, and dry.

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