Sunday, December 27, 2015

Maya does Christmas

Of course she spent a lot of time
laying the middle of everything.
We do Christmas at Clay's mother's place in Charlottesville.  His brother came in from New York.  I always come home mid-day to let the dogs out for a bit, but even with that it makes for too long a time to leave Maya home alone without supervision, so she came along this year.  Maya had been there several times, and we had spent the better part of two days there a while back when my internet connection at home went out and I couldn't work.  Maya and the resident cat had met a couple times and had mostly ignored each other so I had some reason to believe it would be okay.
A gift for me and a gift for Theo, or any other
ball-loving dog.

Coming down the hallway, tail up,
happy and comfortable in grandma's house.
Maya was fine.  The cat was curious about her.  I guess that Maya may have been exposed to cats in her former home and knew to leave them alone.  I kept a short leash on her most of the day and watched her closely, but she was also watching me closely so everything was fine.

Sitting with Clay's brother, Hugh.  She gave everyone a
chance to pet her.

She spent most of her time pretty close to me, especially
in the beginning.  She trusts me enough to go any place
with me, and even more importantly, she trusts me enough
seek me out for security when she's unsure of something. 

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