Friday, December 4, 2015

Maya's vet visit

Maya had a vet visit today.  Her rabies vaccine was due but the others weren't until March or April, which probably reflects the fact that her original rabies vaccine was done in the shelter but we didn't do the others until after he came to us and then came back to us after her six weeks on the lam in Fluvanna County. I wanted the rabies done now and we just did the others early to get everything done in one visit.

She tested positive for Erlichia, a tick-borne disease, which maybe isn't surprising given all the time we spend hiking in the woods. It's easier to treat than heartworms, but she'll be getting doxycycline twice a day for the next month.

Maya's weight was 65 pounds, and I swear she doesn't look like a 65 pound dog, but she is lean, sinewy muscle.  Here are some pictures of Maya at the vet, and playing with Max indoors.  It is nice to see Max play like a normal dog from time to time.

My knee is hurting so I didn't hike today.  I needed to make it up to Maya, so I took her to the brewery in the evening when we went to pick up Clay.  We are still down to one car while Clay's is in the shop repairing the deer damage.

Standing up on the table at the vet's office didn't
have the same effect that it has at the brewery.

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