Sunday, December 20, 2015

Commando training

Commando is fitting in very well around here.  He has hiked with Maya, met everyone, and played with some of them.  He's trying to figure out everyone's personality and play style.  Max confused him.  He and Hunter only overlapped for about a day, but Hunter tried to initiate play.  Everyone seems fine with him.  He has been spending most of the day in the dog yard with Theo, Max, and/or Trooper, but he now spends nights indoors.  I have to push his butt into the crate sometimes, but he doesn't fuss, bark, or otherwise object to it once he's in.  He seems to like indoors, actually, because when I take him from the dog yard on a leash, he pulls me directly to the door of the house.  He's a little mouthy when he gets really excited playing, but an exaggerated yelp makes him back right off.

He has apparently been on a diet of exclusively canned food, so he's not yet accepting my dry food as "his food" but that will change.  He sees everyone else eating it, and he samples it, but he hasn't learned to eat all the food in the bowl when it's in front of you.  Walking away results in losing food to another dog, or me picking it up.  He had been an only dog so he didn't need to eat all at once like they do around here.

In short, this is an awesome dog.

Walking with Maya.  I used two leashes with a harness and a
 collar.  He needs to learn to keep moving or move to the right
when he stops to sniff.  I ran into him and nearly fell over him
a few times. Our style of trail walking is a learned skill.

He really enjoyed it.
Commando meeting Hunter

Theo with ball,
followed by Hunter and Commando

Playing with Theo and Hunter

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