Sunday, December 27, 2015

A brief respite from the rain

Maya and Theo
Trooper and Maya
My walking has been down and my food intake has been up.  I need to reverse that but the weather has been most uncooperative.  The sun made an appearance today however, so I took advantage of to get out and walk in spite of the muddy conditions.  I did four walks, each about two miles, with Maya and Theo, then Maya and Max, then Maya and Trooper, and finally Maya and Daphne.  Toquima went back home today, but he spent most of the day playing in the dog yard with Commando.  After the final walk I took Theo and Commando out to the pasture to romp and play ball.

Commando (left) and Theo

Commando is not really interested in the ball, but he enjoyed
running in the pasture with Theo.

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