Thursday, December 31, 2015

Lead, follow, or get out of the way

Taking no chances, I used two leashes.
Lola went on her first hike today.  We just did four miles, but that was probably more exercise than she's had in a long time.  Our hiking motto is "lead, follow, or get out of the way" and she was introduced to that today.

In the beginning she stayed out front with Maya pretty well.  But she soon discovered all the opportunities to stop and sniff.  Stopping in front of me results in me running into her or at the very least, kicking her back legs.  She wasn't sure where we were going and seemed to want to turn back, so she ended up trailing me for most of the hike.  That's fine.  I didn't have to pull her along, Maya did that if she lagged too far behind.  I just slung the connected leashes over my shoulder, which kept them high enough to avoid either dog stepping over the leash and getting it under her legs.  It worked pretty well.

We encountered a couple people walking.  I stopped and stepped off the trail but not too far because both these dogs are very friendly.  One of the walkers stopped to pet the dogs and they were both good about it.

One thing Lola hasn't figured out yet is that hiking is the best opportunity to poop and pee.  I haven't put her in the dog yard because I don't want her getting muddy and I'm not sure she will come to me.  She's better with Clay, but she's still rather scared of me, probably because I yell at some dog or another at one time or another.  I think she's also better with women, probably for the same reason, but the walk should have helped her develop some trust in me, I hope.

Maya on high alert after spotting a deer.
Lola's eyes are two different colors.  One is brown and the other is black. 

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