Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Lola arrived from North Carolina today.  I'm fostering her for Green Dogs Unleashed.  Her former owners moved and dumped her at her vet's office.

She was smart enough to know who to
kiss up to from the start.

No one has had anything negative to say about this dog.  She's good with other dogs, good with people.  She's house trained and crate trained.  She's only about three years old, already spayed, and fully up to date on vaccines.   Green Dogs was asked to take her in when other rescues declined because Lola has a seizure disorder.  However, she hasn't had a seizure since starting on medication over a year ago.
Once she gets settled some place that she
feels safe, she's in no hurry to move.

Walking with Erica of Green Dogs
She has had a confusing day.  She was cautious when meeting me, but it didn't take very long until I at least got a friendly sniff.  She met all the dogs in our household without anything like a proper introduction and did well with them all.

Trooper is the one who gives newcomers the most
attention and he approved of her.  Maya said hello
but that was all. No one had a problem with her.
She's pretty good sized for a female shepherd and she's a very pretty girl.  I look forward to seeing her relax and settle in, but for being a new dog coming into a pack of nine around here, she's doing very, very well.  She found an unoccupied dog bed and settled down onto it, content to just quietly observe.  That's good.  She can do the stairs and did so on her own, both coming up and going down.  I'll probably crate her in the office with Max tonight.  Maybe one of these days we'll have some sunshine and I can get some better pictures of her.

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Oh, she's beautiful. Lucky Lola.