Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hunter seals the deal

Hunter's prospective adopter came out Saturday morning with his two kids. They hadn't yet met the dog and he wanted to be sure that the kids liked him. There's no reason for children to dislike Hunter, except for the fact that he's prone to jumping. We've been working on that however, and he is generally much better about it and he was good with the kids. I didn't have much doubt, but Hunter sealed the deal and we are planning to finalize the adoption this coming Friday.

He had learned to play ball by watching Theo and Summer so we went out to the pasture where we finally found a tennis ball. Hunter ran for it, when he saw it thrown, and he'd come back with it and allow you to take it from him. He doesn't drop it at your feet the way Summer did, but he's got a soft mouth and it's easy enough to take it from him.

Jasso was at the vet on Thursday and Friday for the final round of his heartworm treatment. He was happy to be home but he's not feeling great and he's not eating yet. He's going to get an increased dose of predisone starting on Sunday, as well as tramadol for pain, and Pepcid for his stomach. Hopefully with all that in him he will start feeling better and his appetite will come back.

Clay's car is still in the shop getting the deer damage repaired. It's supposed to be ready on Monday but in the meantime I've been driving him to and from work. That means that Maya and I have been to the brewery every day it's open. I've been drinking a couple beers each time and she's been hustling biscuits. That may be why I seem to be gaining some weight and why she hasn't been eating all her food lately. We haven't been walking as much either, which contributes to both problems. 

I did get out with Maya and Max for a seven mile hike late Saturday afternoon, however. We saw a lot of deer, which they both enjoy. I'm using two leashes on Max now, one on a collar and another on the harness; that gives me pretty good control. They had a good time and are both sacked out at my feet this evening.

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