Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Solstice Shepherd

Commando is our Solstice Shepherd this year.  I'd change his name to Solstice but I don't think I'll have him long enough to bother about doing a name change, and besides, it's equally "uncallable" as is Commando.  I'll leave that up to his new owner.  We went to the vet today and learned he had two previously unknown conditions: 1. he's Lyme positive, so we got a big bottle of doxycycline; and 2. he's still got testicles.  For some reason I had it in my head that he was already neutered, but he's not and when I look back over the messages I had received about him, no one ever said he was neutered; I had just made that up in my own head.  He will be neutered soon, however; we've got an appointment for January 4th.
He likes a nice pat on the head.
I got the head tilt when I was trying to
explain why he couldn't put his feet
up on the kitchen counter.

The Solstice moon at end of a hike with Max and Maya on Monday.
I will be glad to see the days getting longer even if winter is just beginning.

Coming back into the exam room after
his trip "in back" where they took blood
and fecal samples.  
At today's vet appointment.

The exam was tougher than the blood draw
because he squirmed, a lot.
There's nothing quite like the white teeth and
clear eyes on a young dog.

He's got a good build, a really nice head, and a nice personality.
He just needs some tutoring in the social graces necessary to live with humans.


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