Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The wild child gets neutered

Hunter may get adopted before I ever get a decent picture of him.  He's constantly in motion and when he's yanking on the leash I'm holding, it's pretty tough to get a one-handed still picture with my free hand.

He got neutered today and that will help, but I really don't think it will slow him down.  He's just a pup and will have to grow out of it, but he really does need some training.
They sent me this from the vet clinic this
afternoon after his neuter. He doesn't seem
to be suffering from it.

I took him to meet someone last weekend who is interested in adopting him, and I think it will happen, pending his children's approval this coming weekend. Even then I'll probably have him another week until the adopter is on Christmas break (he's a teacher) and will have time to devote to him.
Here he is snuggling with the vet who neutered
him, so he doesn't hold a grudge.

Meanwhile, I'm looking at a couple possible new dogs coming in.  Two of them are in Charlottesville and one is out of town.  I haven't made any commitment yet.

He was ready to head out the door
when I arrived to pick him up.
Summer is doing well in her new home, having a great time from all reports, and being very well behaved too.  The prospective adoption of Max is still alive, but it will happen after the first of the year.
The only reason he's being still here is because
he's lifting his leg.  I cropped that part of the picture.

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