Sunday, December 6, 2015

Promises make Christmas come to Summer

Her first day in foster care
Summer was adopted yesterday.  It's been a long road.  When she first came here in August she looked like hell and smelled even worse, but she fit in right from the start.  Everyone accepted her, they knew she needed our help, and she did her best to figure out the household characters and routines and make herself a part of it.
Licking the bowl after making the first of
several batches of satin balls.

Thank goodness it was summer because she needed a whole lot of baths.  Thank goodness she had an appetite because she needed a whole lot of food.  Thank goodness she ate everything in her bowl without question because she was taking a whole lot of medication.

One of many, many baths.
Promises made this happen.  The animal control officer who picked her up promised to get her off the streets and get her food.  The shelter promised to get her medical care and find her a rescue group.  Promises Animal Rescue took her from the shelter and promised her a foster home.  Her foster home promised to get her well and find her a home of her own.  The adopters promised to give her a lifetime of care and love.

Rescue groups are an important part of this process.  Most shelters can not devote the time and resources to a single animal with needs like Summer's.  She was with us for four months and she made a lot of visits to the vet, took a lot of medication, and ate a lot of food.  Very few shelters could have done this on their own, but fortunately, many of them are hooking up with rescue groups like Promises.

If anyone is looking to make an end of the year, tax-deductible gift to a charitable organization, I'd encourage to you consider giving to Promises Animal Rescue, Inc.

Here's the mailing address:  Promises Animal Rescue, Inc., 7619 Huron Drive, Gainesville, VA  20155.

Here is their website, you can read about the organization and click on "donate" to make a Paypal donation:

Here is their Facebook page if you'd like to follow them:


Playing ball
On the trail with Max

Running in the pasture with Theo

At the Charlottesville Gay Pride event in September.

The first day of a new life


hammer1924 said...

I will miss Summer. Thanks for the suggestion to donate to Promises.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I will donate to Promises. What a wonderful, caring job you did with this lovely girl!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing transformation. Well done, you!