Friday, January 1, 2016

New year, new dogs

I think I've got some great new dogs for the new year.  Commando and I took a long drive today to meet a possible adopter.  I was very impressed with him.  He met people, dogs, kids, and even a small reptile.  He was good indoors.  He may not have the level of training that they need, but still, I was very impressed with how he behaved and I'm convinced he will be a great dog for someone who has what he needs, which is time and patience.

On my way back home I stopped off to meet this girl, a four year old rottweiler named Keyla.  She's sweet, friendly, good with other dogs, good in the house and/or crate.  I'm hoping she'll be coming my way soon.

And then there's Lola.  I took her with me today just to get her used to being with me.  When we got home I took her on another short (two mile) walk with Maya.  She's getting better about the leash walking.  She's been having trouble finding a place to poop and pee that meets her requirements.  She still did nothing on the walk today.  When we got home, I put her in the dog yard with Trooper and Commando and gave her free time to run around in there.  We've been two days without rain now, a record of sorts in recent weeks, so the dog yard isn't quite as sloppy and boggy has it had been.  She seemed to enjoy being out there and off leash, and I suspect that's what she needs to find a good spot to poop and pee.  She's pacing around downstairs this evening.  I think she's still just uncertain about what's going on and what has happened to her.  Clay isn't home and I suspect she's looking for him.  She's a great dog, but she needs some time to settle in.  

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