Saturday, January 9, 2016

Lola and Commando's first outing

I took Lola and Commando to a Promises Animal Rescue adoption event up in Manassas today.  There were no real prospects for either dog, but it was their first public event and I was pleased with how they did.  The store was busy with people and full of puppies that were there for some puppy class or socialization event.  There was a woman there with a German Shepherd puppy that she had bought from some goddamn Amish breeder motherfucker in Pennsylvania.  She blathered on and on about how she had tried to rescue but didn't get the first dog she wanted, blah, blah, blah.  Cry me a river.

Neither dog had ever been in that kind of environment before, at least to my knowledge.  They were a bit freaked out by it all but handled it very well.  They both enjoyed all the attention from other volunteers.  Commando got some training by Debbie.  He's very treat-motivated and willing to please once he knows what you want.  He's very mouthy when taking treats, but Debbie worked on that a lot.  Lola mostly wanted me and I ended up holding her leash most of the time.

It was a good first experience for both dogs.  Both dogs could use a bath.  All my dogs could use a bath.  Folks up there probably said the same about me.  We got in our smelly van and came home, but we may be doing it all again tomorrow.

Lola has a kind eye, a soft face, and a nice smile.
Commando is a big puppy -
- all raw potential.

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