Thursday, January 14, 2016

Portraits and Profiles - Lola

Lola is about four years old, spayed female shepherd, house trained, crate-trained, good with other dogs.  All the basic stuff about Lola is great.  She's a great dog.  Her owners moved someplace that would only allow one dog and she got dumped in favor of the other dog in the household.  (How anyone picks a favorite among their pets or kids, and then decides to dump the other, I'll never understand.)

Lola apparently has a seizure disorder because she came with medication and with the history that she had been seizure-free since starting on the medication a year ago.  The meds are potassium bromide tablets and the prior owner reported that they were costing about $75 per month.  That's not a lot for what seems to be a very effective treatment, and it could probably be had for less buying it online or from a big pharmacy.

Lola is a shepherd, and for shepherd people that probably all I need to say about her.  She was dazed and confused when she was uprooted from her home and thrown in with strangers.  It took her about a week to figure things out and settle down into the routine of her foster home.  She has now bonded with me as her new person and she follows me every step of the way all day long, from room to room, upstairs, downstairs, and sleeps on the floor next to my bed at night.  To say that she's devoted is an understatement.  It's best summed up by simply saying:  "she's a shepherd."

Lola gets along with the other dogs in my house, but I haven't yet seen her really engage in play with any of them.  She's a people person, or again -- "she's a shepherd."

Lola is big for a female shepherd, tall, long, and fairly big boned; she weighs just about 100 pounds.  She has one unusual characteristic, one brown eye and one black eye, but she sees out of both of them just fine.  She doesn't trust everyone automatically, but she's friendly enough and has done well out in public at a couple of adoption events.  She will need a little time to bond with a new person.  It took her about a week to ten days to settle in and bond.  She needs to get to know you, trust you, and have faith in you.  Once she bonds, however, she's stuck like superglue.  She's a shepherd.

Lola's foster home can be reached at if you have any specific questions about her.  Adoption applications will be processed through Greendogs Unleashed.

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Anonymous said...

Lola sounds like a total love bug! Like you, I don't understand how someone can make the decision to keep one or another. It's just better that she has you to look out for her. I had a dog on the same meds for his seizure disorder and it worked wonderfully. I hope she gets a good forever home!