Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Big smile
Four years old, an immigrant from Mauritius, all rottweiler, spayed, but with an intact tail.  A complicated back story, very exotic, but basically just a sweet, sweet girl.  Everything you'd want in a rottweiler.  Coming in on the heels of Commando and Lola, the timing might not have been perfect, but she is.

Keyla showed up in an email last week that had been forwarded from a friend.  The original sender was four layers down on the email and it wasn't even clear where the dog was located.  I sent an email and got a fast response.  The dog was local and still in need of a home.  I might not have been so anxious but for the fact that I had an adopter ready, willing, waiting, and eager to adopt a rottie, and Keyla sounded perfect.

I met her last weekend.  She came on Tuesday.  We went to the vet on Wednesday.  She's going to her new home on Friday.  It's a lot happening very quickly for her, but she's handling it very well.  She didn't eat the first day, but she has some weight to spare so I wasn't concerned.  The hunger strike didn't last into the second day so I knew she was adjusting quickly.  She was good in the crate in the office the first night.  She met all the dogs without incident.  We went to the vet on Wednesday.  She was scared at first but she did very well, even with the blood draw.  She was happy when it was over.

Meeting Vince
Meeting Commando

Hanging out in my office.
Meeting Theo
Meeting Jasso
Meeting Maya
The dog seems solid.  I know the home is solid.  Seems like a perfect match.  Time will tell.  Fingers/paws crossed.  I want this to work for both of them.

At the vet, looking worried
Coming back into the exam room
after the trip "in back" where
they did everything.

Happy that it was all over.
Happy that it all went well.

Lovely dog
Lucky dog


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful!!! Striking!

Karen O'Kain said...

What a lovely girl, and what luck that you have found a home for her so quickly.