Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Portraits and profiles - Commando

Commando will be two years old on February 19, 2016.  He's a good looking young German Shepherd Dog with a great disposition.  He's friendly with everyone, dogs and people.  He's also a very big dog, weighing in at just under 100 pounds and not yet fully filled out.  His size and strength, combined with his lack of training means that he needs an owner who is capable of handling him and who is prepared to assume the responsibility of training a large, young shepherd in the ways of human civilization.  He's not good with cats from what I've observed at the vet's office, but otherwise there doesn't seem to be a mean bone in his entire, rather large, body.

Commando is really still part puppy and he has a goofy, playful side.  He can be a bit of a clown.  He can also be a bit of a brute when he plays with other dogs, throwing his weight around with a playful body slam or two.   He is sometimes a bit mouthy when he gets excited and he needs to learn the difference between playing with dogs and playing with humans.  He still needs house training although that has improved a lot in a short period of time.  He isn't crazy about going into a crate but once he's in there he settles down and doesn't object to it.  He has learned to do stairs, he's learned to "sit", but a lot of his brain is still a blank slate.  Commando had always lived outside until he came to his foster home, and considering that, he's really come a long way in a short period of time, but he is still a work in progress, not a finished masterpiece.

Commando was recently neutered and his vaccines are current through April, 2016.  He tested positive for Lyme, but we've got a big bottle of doxycycline to treat that even though he doesn't exhibit any symptoms.  He gobbles up the pills hidden in a small bit of canned food along with four cups of dry food, twice a day.  He's a big eater.

His big frame and high contrast coloring make for an unusual but very striking look from any angle.  Commando needs a home that can see and appreciate his potential, not just his good looks.  Questions about the dog can be directed to his foster home at vadogrescue@gmail.com.  He's available for adoption through Promises Animal Rescue if you can provide the home that Commando needs and deserves.

This is Commando chasing Gigi, our Great Dane.
He loves to run, but would rather follow than lead.
Exercise is not an option for this dog, it's a need and a daily requirement.

Happy, confident, trusting -- a big puppy.

The shepherd brain at work:  Why run for a tennis ball
when you can just get one right from the source?

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