Friday, January 8, 2016

The Red Carpet

The Red Carpet Inn is a small roadside motel at the junction of Rts 29 and 15 just outside Culpeper.  The motel has undergone something of a facelift recently, new paint and new pavement in the parking lot, but it doesn't have much to recommend it other than it's location.  Anyone from Northern VA who takes dogs from me has probably met me there.  It's halfway on a two hour drive to Gainesville.  I drive for an hour straight up Rt. 15 and whoever is meeting me drives straight down Rt. 29, so it's a easy meeting spot.

I was there at 8:00 a.m. this morning with Keyla, and Maya came along for the ride.  We met the folks who want to give Keyla a new home.   I've adopted at least three rottweilers to these folks, and I think two other dogs as well.  The last one was Raddix, a HOWS Project dog, who was a senior when they adopted him.  Raddix died a while back and I've been on the lookout for the perfect rottweiler for them.  When I saw Keyla I felt pretty sure that she was that dog.

She didn't know them but greeted them as she greets everyone, with trust.  A little time and a little butt scratching is all it will take to develop a bond.  A little food wouldn't hurt anything either.  I know she will have plenty of all that and more.

p.s.  I just heard that she's happy and smiling in her new home.  That makes my day.

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Nancy said...

You do great work, Brent!