Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The cure for cabin fever

Maya and Max
We haven't been as shut in by this snow as many people have been.  Our road was plowed and we got out on Sunday.  I've been out hiking a couple times already, and most of our dogs have had some dog yard time at least.  Today I took Max and Maya for another hike on snowy trails.  Actually, it was more like slush today.  It was still hard and slow going but we made four miles today.  When we got home I took Theo, Commando, and Lola out to the pasture for some ball playing.  I got Jasso out too, because his outdoor time has been pretty much limited to bio breaks since the snow.  The dog who has barely been out at all is Gigi and I made her come to the pasture with the others this afternoon, very much against her will.
Lola is good about returning the ball
and giving it up for another throw.
Commando and Jasso (rear), Lola (front)

Jasso and Commando
Bright sun with a snowy background is
the best for taking pictures of a black dog.

Commando, looking like the puppy he is.
Jasso, Theo, Commando, and Lola

Lola has become more playful with other dogs.
Theo, Jasso, Commando, and Lola

Theo, in a rare moment without a ball in his mouth.

Commando wanted to play with Gigi.
She wanted none of it.

Theo (front), Lola (rear) and Gigi being chased by Commando.
Lola and Jasso

Jasso, Commando, and Lola
Theo with ball

Jasso had a good time out there today.  

Theo, Lola, and Commando
Lola, Commando, and Theo

Commando, Lola, Theo, and Jasso

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