Saturday, January 16, 2016

Showing shepherds

Maya, Commando, Lola, and I went to another Promises adoption event up in Manassas today.  It was warm enough that we were outside and while the sun was out it was quite pleasant.

There was someone interested in Commando who came to see him.  Nice enough folks, no fence.  We will see.  They are still in the application process anyway.  Lola was good, glued to me as always.  Maya stayed in the van.

Krypto was there.  He's a former foster of mine, Woody the Wonder Dog.  He survived parvo with me and he survived a house fire as Krypto in his new home.  He's still a very young dog and he's already had more than his share of near death experiences.

That was pretty much the sum and substance of my day.  I hope it moved one or more of these dogs closer to adoption, but you never really know.

I got some pretty good pictures of Lola when the sun was out.

Lola meeting Krypto

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