Saturday, January 23, 2016

Reluctant snow dogs

Jasso was not at all bothered by the snow.
The forecasted snowfall has been considerably downgraded, and no one in this house is complaining about that.  It's still snowing today, however, and the wind is really blowing so there's not a lot of enthusiasm for going outdoors to play.  Vince looks worried and goes outside frequently to check on things, but he isn't staying out for long.  Jasso will get up and go outside whenever I open his crate, but he doesn't wander far and is happy to come back in.

Vince seems to worry about the snow
like he worries about a lot of things.
I thought that Commando would surely want to play in the snow, so after breakfast this morning I took him out to the dog yard with Theo and Trooper.  Theo was the most excited about it, and Trooper wanted to romp in the snow a bit too.  Commando played with them for a bit, but as soon as I went back into the house he wanted to come too.  In fact, he climbed over the dog yard gate a couple of times to get back to the house.  I was somewhat surprised, given his youth and the fact that he's always lived as an outdoor dog until coming here.  I guess that now that he's had a taste of the easy life, he's found that he likes it and has no desire to go back.  Can't say that I blame him.  He may be smarter than he appears.

Commando and Trooper
Jasso checks out places where he might find
food, regardless of the snow.

Commando and Trooper

Theo was the most excited by it.

The snow is light and dry but I've been shoveling the
boardwalk frequently for the dogs and for me.
Trooper (rear), Theo (middle) and Commando
Theo and Commando
Commando and Theo

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