Monday, January 4, 2016

Portraits and profiles - Jasso

Jasso is about 11 years old.  He survived a nine year career in law enforcement but his retirement nearly killed him.  He was placed with someone who neglected even the most basic care for the next two years of his life.  When his circumstances finally came to light, he was emaciated, hairless, heartworm positive, and so weak he could barely walk.  On top of that, he had been rendered deaf by long term ear infections that were never treated.  That was not the retirement he deserved, but he's got another chance.

Although he was from out of state, Virginia German Shepherd Rescue took him in and gave him the veterinary care he needed along with a foster home devoted to getting him well.  The skin infections cleared up with antibiotics and a lot of medicated baths.  The ear infections were stubborn but now seem to be gone although that may be an on-going issue with him.  Jasso has survived the heartworm treatment, regained his weight, and re-grown a beautiful black and red coat with a big bushy tail.  His rear end is weak and a bit wobbly, but he gets around easily and even runs and plays for short distances and periods.  He can manage a few stairs and even throws himself up and into his foster's van on his own, most of the time, by sheer force of will.  He will need a daily medication like Rimadyl to keep him pain-free, mobile, and active. 

Jasso is good with other dogs, and he loves people.  His favorite toy is a tennis ball.  He rides beautifully in a car as that was a big part of his daily routine when he was working.  Jasso is permanently deaf and that presents a few challenges.  He has learned his foster's hand gesture for "come" but of course he has to be looking at you for that to be effective.  He loves laying on the big, soft comforter in his crate and he loves to lay in the sun on a warm day.  He is mostly housetrained, but he is still inclined to mark, at least in a household with many other dogs.  We hope to get him neutered, finally, sometime in the near future, but that's a lifelong habit that may not ever go away completely. 

Everyone loves a puppy, but there are experiences, rewards, and joys that come from adopting, caring for, and loving a senior dog that are like no other.  Puppies aren't right for everyone, nor are seniors a good fit for every household, so be sure you have what it takes before adopting either.  You can contact Jasso's foster home at if you have any specific questions about the dog, but the only path to adoption is to complete the adoption application with Virginia German Shepherd Rescue that is available at:  

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