Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday in the Parking Lot with Dogs

The rain was over by the time I was up on Sunday morning.  The clouds were breaking up and the sun was occasionally peaking out.  The temperature wasn't bad, but everything was muddy and I didn't really have anything to do, so I loaded up the van and headed up to the VGSR adoption event in Gainesville.  It's held outside a Petsmart store in a big shopping center that is always busy with consumers flush with cash in the affluent suburbs of northern Virginia.  There's a nice, wide sidewalk in front of the store and a wide, grassy strip in the parking lot that is good for walking dogs.

It was a VGSR adoption event so I took Jasso as my anchor shepherd but brought along Lola and Commando as well.  A very reactive dog showed up and I think that caused Commando to start acting up so he spent part of the time in the van with Maya, who had come along for the ride.

Jasso was very scared at first as he always is at these things, but after walking around a few minutes he settled down an enjoyed himself.  He got lots of attention and far more treats than anyone gets here at home.  He is still very much an old horn dog and I will be glad when he finally gets neutered this coming week.
I hope Darlene doesn't mind me using her picture, but I
loved this shot of her with her dog, my former foster, Tessa.

Former foster Dusty, still going strong
at about 9-10 years of age.

Lola was good, as long as she had me in her sight, although she preferred to have me on the other end of her leash.  I saw two former fosters, Dusty and Tessa, who were adopted to other volunteers.  I took Commando back out of the van and he was fine again meeting new people.  I took Maya out for a bit, mostly so people could see her, but she wanted no part of any of it.  She did, however, go up to one person, sat at her feet and allowed the woman to snuggle her.  That really brought home how much the shy, scared Maya of a few years ago has changed.

Lola finally had had enough and decided it was time for us to go.  As the song says, "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets."  So we came home.

I got Maya out to make an appearance because
so many people know her from this blog.

I hope Krissy doesn't mind me posting her picture,
but I loved this shot of Lola trying to be her lap dog.

Lola, Jasso, and Dusty, being very attentive for some very good treats.


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