Monday, January 25, 2016

Making it up to Maya

Several people noticed that Maya was conspicuously absent from the snow dog pictures from the last few days.  The reason for that is that I do not let her out to the pasture or even the dog yard any more.  She hangs around for a bit but then climbs the fence and goes off on her own.  Worrying about that dog has aged me like a straight man with teenage daughters and I just decided I didn't need that level of stress in my life.  Dogs are creatures of habit and Maya has gotten used to it.  I make it up to her with almost daily hikes (which are good for me too), and taking her with me wherever I go, whenever possible.

The snow put the hiking on hold so I needed to make it up to Maya.  Clay went to work on Sunday so Maya and I drove with him to the brewery in Scottsville.  I helped shovel the sidewalk in front of the brewery and then hung out for a little while.  Maya and I came back home but we went back later in the afternoon and stayed until closing.

Monday afternoon Maya and I went up to Pleasant Grove for a walk.  The roads had been plowed, once anyway, and they were pretty walkable.  I tried venturing off the road onto the trails, but the snow is still very deep and made walking very slow and laborious.  I soon decided to backtrack and just stick to the roads in the park.  We did about 2.5 miles.  Maya spotted deer tracks in the snow and wanted to follow them, but I convinced her to stick to the roads.  It wasn't very far and it wasn't very fast, but it was one-on-one time doing something that we both enjoyed and that makes her happy.


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