Sunday, November 8, 2015

Max's turn?

Sunday was a VGSR adoption event up in Gainesville. I didn't really need to go, but there was dog food for me to pick up that I needed, and there was someone I had been exchanging emails with who wanted to meet Max, so I went.

Jasso was nervous at first but he settled in quickly this time and really enjoyed himself. He likes puppies but not small dogs; cats are still an unknown. He really enjoyed himself and he weighed in at a whopping 81 pounds! Neither his ribs nor his hip bones show anymore, so I think that's probably a good weight for him. He rear end is still weak and wobbly so he doesn't need to carry any extra weight back there, but he gets around great, runs and plays like a much younger dog. Jasso will undergo his first heartworm treatment on Monday. Neutering is probably at least two months away yet, so he still has a ways to go.

Summer was sweet as always.
Jasso had a great time, really wanted to play.
Summer isn't a VGSR dog, she's with Promises, but I took her along anyway. She was good but she's got some diarrhea, maybe due to stress, being in heat (Jasso was very interested in her this evening), and/or the change in the new batch of foster food I mixed up and started feeding just yesterday.

But as it turned out, today was mostly about Max. I had been exchanging emails with a young couple from Virginia Beach. I told them I'd be in Gainesville today partially to gauge their level of interest. Sure enough, they came, traveling even farther than I do to that event. I spent most the time after they arrived talking to them. I had been skeptical as I am with anyone who sees Max's gorgeous face on the internet and fires off an email. I told them everything I could to discourage their interest. I got them to meet other dogs, more suitable dogs, but they kept coming back to Max. I told them all I knew about his history, his prey drive, his medications, and his neurotic behaviors. I talked myself hoarse for over an hour and failed to put them off. Patience and persistence are two of the primary qualities needed for Max, plus, they are young and active and seem capable of giving him the structured exercise he needs, running on leash.

To top it off, Max seemed to take to them. He was good all day really, better than he's ever been at an adoption event, but for these folks he spontaneously rolled over for a belly rub and gave them lots of kisses. Maybe he's figured it out at last.

We stayed about two and a half hours. The last half hour all the dogs seemed ready to go and were happy to get back in the van for the drive home. The folks interested in Max have just recently put in their application, so he's not going anywhere just yet, but a trip to Virginia Beach may be in our future.


Anonymous said...

Such happy news- ok i won't get too excited:-) From the pics, it looks like Max really enjoyed that couple! Paws crossed it works out!

Carol said...

I don't know - everyone seems to be all smiles. I think maybe Max has decided where he wants to go and live. :)