Sunday, November 22, 2015

Solo Sparky

I walked 10 miles on Friday, 6 on Saturday, and 11 on Sunday, but my favorite stretch was the final three miles that I did on Sunday alone with Sparky.

Sparky does a lot of scent spreading by digging
and kicking up dirt and leaves.
When I started walking a couple years ago it was primarily with Sparky because he didn't get out much otherwise due to the fact that he wasn't, and isn't still, great with other dogs. Then I stopped letting Maya out to the dog yard because she would climb the fence and take off on her own adventures.  I had to take her hiking to get some outdoor activity.  Then I figured out that Max really needed directed exercise, on leash, to exorcise his demons, so he became a regular.  Then all the other dogs figured out that hiking is fun and wanted to be included.  Sparky sort of got short changed somewhere along the line.  He's not as needy as Maya or Max, or as demanding as Theo and Trooper, and he really didn't care for summer, hot weather hiking anyway.

Sparky can walk with Maya, and/or Max and I've usually been walking him with one or both of them, but today I took him out alone.  Maya had already done over 7 miles for the day and she seemed satisfied, although I'm sure she would have come along again if I had asked her. I left her inside with Trooper and snuck off with just Sparky for the final leg of today's hike.

It was nice.  He hadn't been out in several days and it was cool, so he was full of Sparky energy.  I had only planned to do a mile or so, but Sparky's enthusiasm carried us both for a couple more miles.

Sparky is very academic and suggested we head to the library.

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