Monday, November 23, 2015

Seven years of dog blogging

Gigi, Maya, Daphne
Daphne, with that rottie smile
My first blog post was November 21, 2008. I missed the exact day as I do every year, but this marks seven years that I've been writing this blog. We've been rescuing dogs for 15 years now. I wish I had started the blog at the very beginning because I've come to rely on it when my memory fails me.

I've found that I can type "vadogrescue" into google along with a dog's name or other words to bring up posts I've written about a particular dog or event when I need to refresh my memory. My old email used to serve much the same purpose, but I lost that when switching email servers a few years back.

Gigi came along on today's
walk, just over two miles,
but if it stays this cold I'll
have to break out her coat
and scarf.
My blogging waxes and wanes depending on what I've got going on in rescue and in other aspects of my life, but it's been fairly consistent, averaging about 225 posts per year.  Readers come and go but there's a core group who are pretty regular.  I've always said, and it's true, that I write it primarily for myself, but anyone who dares is free to listen in to voices in my head.

These pictures were taken from a viewing
platform along the trail. Maya wasn't
impressed because we didn't see any deer.
We have slowed down the number of dogs we take in.  I try to keep them all inside now and that puts a limit to how many fosters we can keep along with the six or seven permanent residents.  I've also cut down on the weekend trips to adoption events.  My van can't handle it and I need time to do some other things in my life.  Still, it's rare that a day goes by that I am completely at a loss for something to write about.  There's always something new.  The trail walking or pasture play pictures may seem the same, but as a dog person, I never get tired of them.

The pictures here feature Daphne, a former foster who stays here on occasion. She arrived today and is with us for Thanksgiving. Another former foster and frequent visitor, Toquima, arrives tomorrow, so we will have a full house for the holiday.

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Risa said...

Happy Blogiversar! May you continue to write and rescue for many years to come.