Thursday, November 12, 2015

Rain or shine

Max, Maya, Theo
It's been a wet week and there's plenty of mud on the trails, in the dog yard, and in our house, but we've been hitting the trails as much as possible, for our physical and mental health.

The days of walking just one, or even two dogs seem like a distant memory. I am never out with less than three dogs, and sometimes four. I've been tempted to try five, but I think that would be asking for trouble. You see videos on Facebook from time to time of someone walking five or more dogs, but those dogs are well trained. Mine are not. They pull me and I pull them, we all get more exercise that way and that's what it's all about for us.
This picture really shows the size difference
between Maya and Theo.

Once Summer gets adopted (nothing pending yet), and maybe Max(?), it will be easier to accommodate every dog's walking needs, A couple less during the winter would be all right.

Jasso had the heartworm treatment injection on Monday and isn't feeling great but he's doing all right. He's eating less frequently and less voraciously, so I'm glad we got some good weight on him before the treatment. Hopefully he will start perking up a bit more soon. He's on crate rest for now and he does a couple strolls around outside each day, but he's moving slowly again right now.

Summer had a bout of diarrhea, unknown causes, so she fasted for a day, got some immodium and then started back on chicken and rice for a day before getting back to dog food. She had a normal stool today, though, so I think all that is over. Her spay appointment is next week, finally, and I'd love to get her into a home before Christmas if not before Thanksgiving. Awesome dog.

Theo had lost too much weight, so we've switched him to a grain-free food and he's getting a good sized feeding three times a day now.

Maya, Trooper, Theo, and Max

Sparky seems to have strained a
muscle in one of his legs on this
walk, so he's taking a couple days
rest and will be shorter hikes for
a while.

Sparky, Maya, and Max, this is the only combination
that I've tried with Sparky as part of the mix. He's fine with
Max and Maya, but I have my doubts that he'll get along
well with Theo or Trooper.

Max highlighted by the setting sun.
Maya, glowing in the sunlight.

Blue sky has been rare so far this week, but it's pretty when it happens.

Max, Maya, and Trooper
The leaves are so thick on the ground right now that they
obscure the trail in many areas. I just follow the dogs.
Theo and Summer

Summer, Theo, and Maya
Maya goes on all the walks as you can see. The other dogs take turns joining her in varying
combinations. She's fine with having anyone else along as long as she gets to go.

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