Monday, November 9, 2015

Pasture Play

Today is dreary, drizzly, and chilly, a very inside day. But here's some pictures of pasture play from late Monday afternoon/evening.

It's hard to fill a water tank with Summer
around; she loves to play with the hose.
This is not canine water-boarding,
she is doing this to herself.

Jasso and Summer
Theo the Great. If there's one ball hanging
out of his mouth, you can bet there's
another one hidden behind it inside.

Jasso and Summer
Jasso's aura?

Theo in front, Jasso in the rear
Theo, Jasso, and Max

Theo (left), Max (front), Jasso and Summer (right rear)

I don't know when I've had this many shepherds play so well together.
L to R: Theo, Summer, Jasso, and Max

Jasso did more running yesterday than I've ever seen him do. He's undergoing his first
heartworm treatment today so he'll be on crate-rest for a while. He was really going
for Summer (right) yesterday. I'll be glad when she gets spayed and he gets neutered.

Look at the curve on Theo's tail, love that. Max (right) played ball with the other dogs when
he could get the tennis ball, but otherwise he carried around one of his sticks. He occasionally
went into a tailspin, but only one rotation and no screaming to accompany it.
That's a huge improvement for Max.

That's Theo on the left and I believe Max on the right. Summer and Max are very similar now.
I can generally distinguish our household dogs from the sound of their footsteps and the noise
made by tags and other bling on their collars. The ground shakes when Theo runs by you so that's
and easy tell. 

That's Summer (left) and Jasso (right)
Jasso's tail isn't fully feathered yet, but otherwise his coat is back in full force.

Theo (front and center), Summer (left) and Max (right)

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