Monday, November 16, 2015

Another Lazy Sunday

I had another lazy Sunday. My legs were feeling the jogging that I had done on Saturday's hike, so I justified taking easy for much of the day, cooking, and doing two short walks totaling just over four miles.

Sparky needed a short easy walk because he had strained or pulled something on his last five miler. I took just Sparky and Maya for just over two miles. It was an easy pace and no pulling, which made it easier on me too. Sparky seems fine now.

For the second walk I took Maya, Trooper, and Gigi for another easy paced walk of under two miles. Gigi had been asking to come on a walk, and I expect this was enough to satisfy her for a couple weeks.

We got back home in time for a session of ball playing in the pasture with Theo, Summer, and Max. They had to go out and find the tennis balls themselves because I ended up with none after the last play session. They managed to find four and that was enough for a pretty good round of fetch. Even Max went after and recovered a tennis ball a couple of times, but he does not bring them back.

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