Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A sore paw

When the boy dogs around here get into a fight with each other over something stupid, I usually walk away and let them end it themselves. There's always a lot of noise and it sounds like they are killing each other, but it's rare that anyone has even a scratch on them and it soon ends when they realize that I don't care and am not going to get involved. If they can still walk and aren't losing a dangerous amount of blood, I tell them to walk it off and get on with it. 
Maya isn't bad at the vet, but she was very

However, if one of my girls has a sore paw, a cough, or just isn't feel well, we can't get to the vet fast enough. We noticed on Sunday that Maya was limping a bit, definitely favoring her right front leg, and she was licking her foot like it hurt. We both looked but didn't see any obvious cause, so a trip to the emergency vet didn't seem necessary. Monday morning I called the vet and we went in to have a professional look at it and not see any obvious cause. No puncture, nothing broken, just a pad that she had licked till it was red. Possibly an allergy, like a hot spot, it's hard to say what started it.
Sticking close to daddy always helps.

I got some stuff for it, but mostly I need to keep her from licking it so it can heal up. Everyone knows my track record for keeping Maya from doing something she wants to do, but we are trying, and in the meantime it's a great excuse not to be out hiking in this hot, humid weather. 

Once we were out of the exam room and she
knew we were leaving, she relaxed again.

A prescription of bed rest was not unwelcome.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad it's nothing serious. I really got a good chuckle out of the idea that you would do anything that Maya doesn't want you to do- like putting a wrap on her paw or making her wear a cone. The pic of you and her is precious! - Johanna