Saturday, June 24, 2017

Champ goes home

Sparky (left) and Champ (right)
Trooper and Champ
Champ went to his new home today. There were a lot of people interested in him, many of which would have provided a good home for him. That makes it tough, but he went to a local home with two other rottweilers so I feel pretty good about it.  Here are some pictures of Champ in the dog yard this morning before his adoption and a couple at his new home.

He's a sweet, sweet boy with all the best rottweiler qualities. If you like rotties you'd love Champ, and he will love you right back.

My handsome boy, Sparky

Champ (right) is much bigger than the resident badass rottie
in his new home. I love this pic for the lines of the dogs' backs
and their little stubby tails.

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