Sunday, June 4, 2017

TJ's rescue reunion

It was actually a picnic for the volunteers of Voices for Animal/HOWS Project. That's the group that rescued TJ. It's a really good group, operating in the trenches, or "in the weeds" as they say. They provide assistance to people with dogs in rural areas who can't or won't provide decent care themselves. They provide good quality dog houses and do what they can to improve the quality of life for dogs living outdoors. As they establish relationships, they often provide spay/neuter services when the people will accept them and vet care when needed, as well as food for the dogs. Lately they have started a fencing program, building pens so the dogs are no longer kept on chains. Of course they encourage people to take their dogs inside and provide a real home. I couldn't do it myself because of the type of people they have to deal with, but I admire them greatly for what they do because they have made real, substantial improvements in the quality of life for probably thousands of dogs and other animals as well.

Occasionally they run into an owner who is willing to surrender the dog because they know they can't really provide for them or they just don't want the dog any more. TJ was one of those lucky dogs.

I took TJ to the picnic so the people who had rescued him could see him now. TJ loves people and was happy to see everyone, even if he wasn't the only reason for the gathering. He has gained weight, quite a lot of it actually. When he first came he didn't really look thin, but if you touched him you could feel every rib and each vertebrae in his back. He has shed out most of his old coat now and is in the process of growing a new one, although the shedding never really stops with a husky.

TJ is still a foster dog and I'd love to find him the right home. He's very loyal and wants to be your #1 dog. He would be fine as an only dog. He's better with female dogs than male; his greeting style leaves something to be desired, but he has learned to live with 10 or more dogs around here, both male and female. TJ pulled a kennel gate open the first day I had him, so he's been strictly an indoor dog ever since. He does stay in a six foot fenced area attached to the house for short periods, but mostly he wants to be indoors. I haven't crated him because I'm pretty sure he could get out of one or would hurt himself trying.  TJ loves to go for walks. They don't have to be long, but he would go as often as anyone wanted to take him. He is a great incentive for exercise.

TJ is said to be 12 years old, but his teeth don't look like it and he sure doesn't act like it, although he's obviously not a youngster. He spent the first 12 years of his life as an unneutered male. His indoor manners are generally pretty good, but he can and will mark anything he wants to claim as his own, indoors or out. TJ is probably not for everyone, but he's a wonderful companion. Anyone interested in meeting him can contact his foster home at

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