Thursday, June 29, 2017

And then there were eight

I took the morning off from work and drove up to northern Virginia to see where Jack would be living and to finalize his adoption. I feel good about it. The adopter is excited to have him and is serious about the training and that is really all Jack needs to be a really great dog.

It's quiet at our house tonight. Jack was only one of three barky shepherds here, but he really stirred up Theo and Max. Feeding time takes less than 15 minutes now. The two outdoor kennels are empty now and I plan for them to remain so, at least for a while. We have a trip to Montana coming up in less than two weeks, and then I'm making a solar eclipse trip to Kansas in August. I need to do some work on the house and in the yard, so this may be the summer of few fosters.

The only hard part was when he looked right at me with the questioning look, wondering what was going on. He has eyes that look right through you, or through me anyway. I wish I could explain why I left him, but I expect he was so busy for the rest of the day that he didn't have time to give it any thought anyway.


hammer1924 said...

That picture breaks my heart just a bit for you. But knowing you placed him in a home you trust comforts us both I am sure sure! And of course if something did not work you would find him another one. :) He has such pretty markings.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to Jack in his new home.