Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Five dogs, no ball

It was a cool, cloudy day. I took five dogs out to the pasture, but not the usual Theo, Jack, and Max group. Today it was Scarlett, Sparky, Vince, Gigi, and Duke. They had a good run. Later I took Maya, Trooper, and Duke for a 3.5 mile hike. Tomorrow I've got to get the three big shepherd boys out for a run.
Scarlett enjoyed the pasture romp today.

I haven't been hiking with Sparky so he was happy to get out
for a little run today, but that was enough for him. He loves
his spot upstairs in my office these days.

It doesn't take much urging to get Duke to run.
Gigi runs in short spurts and then stands and poses for the camera.

Vince is now our most senior dog. He's got a lot of lumps on
him too, but he keeps on going.

Sparky near the bee kennel
Scarlett should be going home on Thursday, I believe.

Gigi may have missed her calling as a dog
model. But she still has the role of princess
to fall back on and that's not bad.
Duke decided Scarlett should play with him. He knocked her
over a couple times but she bounced back up and didn't seem
to mind. She may have enjoyed some puppy play.
Duke did not seem to understand why
Sparky was rolling in the grass.

Gigi and Scarlett

Scarlett and Sparky

Duke doesn't have a clue about how good looking he is. 

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