Friday, June 23, 2017

Short walk

It's been hot so I've used Maya's sore foot as an excuse not to walk. That excuse is wearing thin, particularly since her foot hasn't seemed to be sore for a while now. Today was less hot and humid than it has been, so I took Maya and TJ out for a three miler. Three miles isn't that long, but it was enough in this weather and it was more than enough for TJ. He rarely shows his age, but the heat is hard on him (he's a husky after all), and walking uphill is particularly hard. I chose a route without much elevation change, but there was a bit of it towards the end and it really slowed him down. TJ would never admit that he wasn't up to hiking any distance in any weather, but I think I'll limit him to two miles or less in the summer. Shorter walks make sense for most of the dogs, but that means I need to get out much more often.

I hope to have Champ, the rottweiler, and Jack, the young shepherd, in new homes soon, so I can concentrate on giving my own dogs more time and attention for a while.

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Anonymous said...

So it's official: TJ is yours.