Wednesday, June 28, 2017

One Day More

Today was Jack's last day as a foster. He's getting adopted tomorrow. He's a great young dog with a lot of potential and he's going where he will get the training he needs to reach that potential.

We are glad to see him go. Frankly, he's too much dog for me. Too young, too big, too strong, too energetic, too needy. He needs a home of his own.

To give him a proper send off, I took him down to the river today because he loves the water. Although he jumps into the water tanks and lays down, he had never been in water deep enough that he had to swim. He was hesitant, but he came to me when I called him and he learned to swim.

Jack has a lifetime of learning and new adventures ahead of him. His adopter wants to train him for search and rescue work. That's great, but a whole lot of basic obedience will need to come first.
"It's MY stick, I found it."

That's a river rock in his mouth.

Jack has an "alert" look that's second to none. 
This has been our theme song today.

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