Friday, June 2, 2017

Duke hits the trails

Duke doesn't seem to miss his testicles at all. Nor does he seem to be adversely affected by the surgery. I've been keeping him from running around, but today I took him out for a four mile hike along with TJ and Maya.
This dog has a lot of face.

He chased birds, bugs, and butterflies, and got even more excited when we saw rabbits and then deer. He can pull very hard when he wants to.

Handsome profile
TJ seems to be fine with him now.

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Kathy Carpenter said...

HI i am a friend of Elizabeth Sloan. She suggested that Duke might be a good fit for our family. I lost my 130 lb rhodesian ridgeback a year ago. He was the sweetest dog. And I also have a 7 year old black lab. Could you let me know more about this cute guy?