Thursday, June 1, 2017


Duke and former foster Jake
I worked, puttered around the yard and garden, had a visit from a former adopter and former foster who played with Duke, and had an evening romp and mow session in the pasture with the shepherds.

It took just a few words to describe it but it filled my whole day.

Jake is a very handsome shepherd and not crazy at all.
Duke was inside most of the day, but he's acting like
his surgery was weeks ago instead of yesterday.
Jack and a stupid stick on our evening pasture romp. Actually,
the stick wasn't quite as stupid in the open pasture as it is when
he tries to carry such a big stick on the trails.

Jack is a fine looking shepherd.

Max and Jack often wanted the same stick and got into a squabble over it a couple times, but
Theo broke it up by running between the two dogs and separating them.

In IQ order: Theo, Jack, and Max

Max is still outstanding in his field.

I had to keep replacing Max's sticks because he
would drop them and lose them.
Theo wasn't happy that we are out of tennis balls, but more are
arriving soon and he got a good run in anyway.

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