Wednesday, May 31, 2017

No more smooth criminals

It was a big day for Duke. He got neutered, met a lot of new people, and met a cat. He's currently snoring loudly as he sleeps off the excitement and anesthesia in a crate in my office.

Thanks to Charlottesville Veterinary Hospital for doing the surgery. Clay took him in this morning and dropped him off. He weighed 95 pounds, which was a few more than I would have guessed, but he is a big boy. He's underweight yet anyway, so I expect he could put on another 15-20 pounds before he's filled out to be the dog he's built to be.

Duke was as cooperative as he always is, hopped right into the van and rode quietly to the vet. Everyone there loved him and his exit from the building later in the afternoon was much delayed as everyone had to give him a hug on the way out. He was still a bit groggy but we went to meet a cat before heading home. Duke spotted the cat through the glass door and just looked at it. He seemed happy to have a door separating him from the cat and was not at all anxious to go inside. When we did go in, he walked past the cat, showing no inclination to engage with it. I'm guessing that Duke either had no idea what the cat was, or more likely, had past experience with cats that left him with a healthy fear and respect for the clawed creatures.

He ate a small meal when we got home and had his first pain medication. Starting tomorrow we will begin putting some weight on this dog. I'll have to check my freezer to see if we still have any Satin Balls. Everyone who meets Duke loves him. Anyone interested in adopting him should submit an application to Green Dogs Unleashed.  
It may be hard to see, but there's a black cat on the
inside of this glass door staring at Duke.

He made absolutely no attempt to approach the cat, although he
did notice and was attracted to the cat's food and litter box.

As Deadpool would say, he had "a nice pair of smooth criminals down under", but they were probably the cause of his wanderlust and they had to go. And now a public service announcement from Deadpool:

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Anonymous said...

LOL You are hilarious! This boy is just too sweet. I don't see him being around for long though because between his good looks and his temperament, he is an awesome dog!