Friday, May 26, 2017

Just Jack

It's time to get this boy adopted. There's nothing wrong with Jack that some time and training won't fix.

He's a typical young male pup, about 1.5 years old, who hasn't had proper training. Some issues have been improved upon around here. He doesn't jump up on me anymore. He's fine being crated at night. He doesn't go out of his way to mark indoors, but I think he's should still be crated when he's not being watched. He's not destructive. He's generally good with other dogs but will fight back if provoked. He's got a soft mouth taking treats and he's very responsive to reward-based training. He "sits" and even "downs." That being said, he's still a wild man and probably inappropriate for a home with children just because he is one himself and needs a lot of attention.

He can climb a 6' chain link fence and a any type of 4' fence is not much a challenge to him at all. He doesn't want to run off, but he wants to be where the action is, with people, or with his dog friends.

He's strong, energetic, and can pull hard on a leash. I've found him to be easy to control using an Easy Walk harness, however. A head harness or Halti would also work well on him. He likes to run, loves going on hikes, and if he finds more than an inch of water, he will lay down in it.

Jack is a bit of a project dog, but he's great raw material for someone with the experience and determination to make it work. In a couple years with the right person he will be an outstanding dog and the lucky person will be the envy of all who meet him.

Nothing makes Jack happier than running in the pasture with Theo.

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