Monday, May 8, 2017

Off to the good life, Cookie's last day as a foster

On our final hike together. Cookie would always
turn around and look at me when we stopped.
Cookie went to her new home on Sunday. I couldn't be happier for her. She is a very happy dog. She seems carefree, loves everyone, very un-shepherdlike in some ways, but it's an improvement on some less than desireable shepherd traits. She has had an upgrade in quality of life that only rescue can bring. In human terms, she won the lottery. She was one of millions of dogs living in deplorable conditions. Against all odds and largely by chance, thanks to a fortuitous meeting with someone willing to intervene on her behalf, she landed in a sweet spot where she will be valued, loved, and cared for as all dogs deserve.
Sunday morning, bedside

We can only hope that her rescue came in time to save her from a certain death by cancer. We got the results of the biopsy on the tumors that were removed a couple weeks ago. The large one was malignant but was removed with good margins. The smaller one was benign. That's pretty good news and her new home has dealt with this before. She will be watched and get any follow up care that's necessary and appropriate.

I'm confident that she will have a good life, that's what we all want, for ourselves, our own dogs, and our fosters.

Usurping Vince's bed for a few minutes.

She hopped in the crate and was happy to be going
even though she didn't know where. She rides nicely.

We stopped at a brewery on the way up to
northern Virginia. She loved greeting people
and was good with everyone.

She doesn't just give one paw, she gives two. Actually,
Cookie always gives her whole self.

Everyone has heard the saying that the eyes are a window to the soul.  But if you look into a dog's eyes, you may be lucky enough to find your own soul. 
I gave her a goodbye/good luck kiss on the
nose as she loaded up for the trip to her new home.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad Cookie came to you and that you found her a good home. Something in her eyes, reminds me of Patches. Both wonderful dogs who deserved love. Thank you for all that you do!

Anonymous said...

Cookie is absolutely precious. Thank you for helping her.


Risa said...

wishing Cookie and her new family a long and happy life.
These are the stories that keep rescue folks going.
Good job, Brent and Clay!