Saturday, May 27, 2017

Jack's Field Day

I started the usual morning feeding routine on Saturday, but I didn't feed Jack, Theo, or Max. Instead, I put them out in the pasture while everyone else finished eating and went back inside. The three were happy to be in the pasture and were anticipating a game of ball, but were confused about the change of routine.

L to R: Max, Jack, and Theo
Jack would be going with me to an adoption event up in Gainesville later, so I wanted to run some of the stupid out of him first. Theo and Max had plenty of excess stupid as well, and Jack likes to run with Theo. We had a good early morning game of ball after I managed to scrounge up the five throwable tennis balls that it takes to play with these three dogs.

When Theo was finally tired of running, I got all three back into the dog yard and then separated Jack into the kennel. After about a half hour of calming and cooling down, I gave him some food and then loaded him into the van for the two hour drive to the adoption event.

Jack was the only real dog there, although there was a stuffed black lab that he kept trying to figure out. Some other dogs came by, and although I didn't let them meet nose-to-nose, Jack was calm and well-behaved. He was very well-behaved with all the people he met and seemed to really enjoy the event. Everything is new to him still, and his reaction to new things is to just observe and take it all in. I was actually quite pleased with him.

Max is beginning to blow his coat, so I have
a major brushing job ahead of me.
Jack showed off his "sit" and "down" as well as ability to both take treats gently from the hand and to catch them in mid-air. He was good with children although I kept a hand on his collar so he didn't jump on anyone.

After about two hours he laid down beside me on the sidewalk, which I took as a sign and he was done and it was time for us to leave. He rode quietly in the crate and was happy to be re-united with Theo when we got home. It was a good day, and although there were no real adoption prospects, I'm happy to say that my relationship with Jack is improving day by day.

Jack, followed by Theo and Max

Shepherds are blessed with the attributes that make them look
smart even if they are not.

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