Sunday, May 28, 2017


He came from Alabama today. His name is Duke, of course. (At least it isn't Cooter.) He's said to be a bloodhound/mastiff mix and that certainly seems plausible. The bloodhound part seems obvious. He's about a  year and a half old. He was given up because he wouldn't stay at home. He's unneutered. Duh. Apparently 2 + 2 does not equal 4 in Alabama. That is not really a surprise, given that Alabama is ranked near the bottom in virtually everything, yet recently passed a law prohibiting the removal of confederate monuments in the state - a state dominated by redneck republican white trash. But I digress.

Duke is a big, lovable sweetheart. He's a leaner, even with strangers. He's a lover, not a fighter. He's very playful, although his playful overtures have been rebuffed by everyone at our house so far.

Maya gave me this "here we go again look" when I brought him in. I swear she rolled her eyes. TJ acted like an asshole at first, but Duke will win him over. I expect he will win everyone over, except maybe Vince and Samantha who just have no use for any dog that young and that big. He put himself into a crate at one point, so that's my plan for him at night. Right now he's laying on the floor next to my chair, with TJ on the opposite side. Maya said "screw it" and headed to the bedroom. Adjustments will be made, but it takes a few days whenever a new dog arrives.

Clay getting the lean from Duke when they met.

Duke, doing a play bow with TJ. 

Samantha with the wide-eyed WTF look upon
meeting Duke. 
Duke gave Samantha a play bow but that's not going to happen.

Meeting Trooper in the dog yard, which gives
an idea of the Duke's size. He stayed in the dog
yard for a while, but then jumped out.

This is a picture taken by one of the
transporters. He had a lot of different rides on
the trip up here over the past two days, but
everyone remarked on how sweet he was.

Another pic from a transporter. Apparently if he gets too warm,
he melts in your lap.

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Anonymous said...

I might be in love. What a wonderful dog. I have a brindle mastiff mix who has a similar personality and is 2 years old.